Sean Skinner Advanced Stick Handling There will be 2 ADVANCED sessions running Sunday March 12th – Thursday, March 16th Session 1 Squirt & Peewee 5:00pm to 7:00pm  Session 2 Bantam & High School 7:15pm to 9:15pm  Advanced Stickhandling is specifically designed…

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World Class Instruction

What a player can do when they touch the puck will separate the good from the great.  Name one great hockey player who was not confident with the puck?  Sean Skinner will make a dramatic difference in a player’s game…

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Who is Sean Skinner?   For the purposes of this discussion, the most important fact about Sean Skinner is he will be personally teaching these classes!  Want more, read on. Sean Skinner At a Glance: Who Trusts Sean Skinner:  Sean has worked for…

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Please read the Skinner Stickhandling PARTICIPANT WAIVER before signing up