skinner-logo-1What a player can do when they touch the puck will separate the good from the great.  Name one great hockey player who was not confident with the puck?  Sean Skinner will make a dramatic difference in a player’s game with only one week of training.  Sean has broken down the science of stick handling into moves that can be taught, understood, and replicated at all levels.

Just about every International Federation has purchased or uses the Sean Skinner Stickhandling series including the Russian, Swedish, Finnish and Czech Republic Federations. Canadian Hockey has sold the series and now the OMHA (Ontario Minor Hockey Association) and the HDCO (Hockey Development Centre of Ontario) sells the series., Perani’s, Better Hockey and Championship Books also sell the series. Just about every Division I College has purchased or uses the set and some NHL teams also use this series! This is your chance to get personal instruction from Sean Skinner himself.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity.